SiDO ProductEXperience

By matching SiDO’s brand philosophy, we re-interpreted a small size electronic appliance that can be easily approached in life based on user experience.
We proposed a product design direction that is based on essence that can feel specialty and finding something new in ordinary life.

Play SiDO
Play SiDO
Through the melody that fills the space, the emotions are stimulated and inspiration sought.
Care SiDO
Care SiDO
By perceiving/judging itself the indoor air condition, the product group is controlled and user environment planned.
Cook SiDO
Cook SiDO
Through smart functions, a simply cooking experience is made.

NBREDS Payment SolutionEXperience

We find the inconvenience of existing consumption process and planned a solution for a convenient consumption experience.
Through a perception that looks into the consuming environment rather than the technical perspective, an appropriate solution for purchase experience was made.

NBREDS Direct Carrier Billing
Direct Carrier Billing
It is a stable deferred payment solution that can replace existing high cost payment patents.
NBREDS Smart Payment Solution
Smart Payment Solution
A compound payment solution that can receive membership benefits such as discount/saving with payment.
Through car reader/POS system, it is a car exclusive simple payment solution that can be paid inside the car.

SONY ProductEXperience

We proposed a new direction of the smartphone user experience.
By linking smartphones to everyday items like a watch, it was designed so that the smartphone’s function could be concisely used.
A differentiated experience is provided on top of emotional material and beautiful design.

SONY Android Wear
Android Wear

LEGRAND Integrated DesignEXperience

We planned the integrated design experience of France’s wiring device firm LEGRAND.
We proposed plan direction regarding product line so that user can understand better by constructing independent design language and the harmony with environment.

LEGRAND Wiring Device Design Language
Wiring Device Design Language

story + teller ProductEXperience

In the story+teller project, we planned a new use perspective of objects being used unconsciously.
Thinking about the environment of both when the desk lamp was used or not, it was made that music could be enjoyed through visuals rather than just through hearing.

story + teller Twist the light
Twist the light
story + teller Visible sound
Visible sound