SiDO BrandEXperience

DKnP has planned the brand experience of lifestyle brand SiDO.
Matching the brand philosophy of SiDO, an integrated communication strategy was established so that a consistent emotional user experience can be constructed overall.

Ur. Brand Experience

ADT CAPS BrandEXperience

DKnP surpasses the physical security concept and has proposed to ADT CAPS a new business model that cares for the individual’s safety.
13 total life security service model was proposed so that a safe and happy time could be spent in life.

ADT CAPS Brand Experience

NBREDS BrandEXperience

DKnP has proceeded with renewal for brand identity establishment of NBREDS that is expanding, with great speed, its business area in the fintech and IoT area.
The design principle was defined so that a trusted brand identity could be constructed and uniform communication could be carried out in the overall brand experience.

NBREDS Brand Experience

UNBEATABLE BrandEXperience

By exploring in depth UNBEATABLE’s thermal equipment manufacturing ability and customer lifestyle change, a new vision regarding thermal equipment and business diversification was proposed.
By providing temperature suited to the user, a plan concept of comprehensive space experience that can increase quality of life is being proposed.

UNBEATABLE Brand Experience


By matching the market environment that is quickly increasing social issues and customer needs of air care, DKnP has proposed a new business model that has expanded the cooperation system of JIANGSU QI’AN CONSTRUCTION GROUP.
Through the cooperation system expansion, by constructing an optimized environment in the user’s space, a solution that is maximizing the user’s experience is being proposed.